Vision, Mission, Purpose

Our Vision 

Worship God, live the gospel, love people, and serve the community.

Our Mission

We are a welcoming, accepting, loving, vibrant, growing church for all ages and cultures. We are passionate about worshiping God, proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ, teaching Biblical truths, discipling our members, and actively meeting the needs of the congregation and community regardless of differences and beliefs.

Our Purpose

- To nurture our faith community’s spiritual growth through genuine, inspiring, thought-provoking, Christ-centered worship services
- To proclaim the Gospel and present all Bible truths in an environment of love
- To accept everyone wherever they are in their faith journey
- To empower the church to become more like Jesus and to share His love and hope with others
- To create uplifting fellowship opportunities that lead to authentic relationships
- To provide a safe environment where questions about faith and teachings are welcome through meaningful conversation
- To minister to the needs of the greater Madison area, reflecting the life of Jesus Christ and His compassion, by active involvement in serving others